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What I Love Wednesday: Is Juice really healthy for Kids?

There are so many dos and don'ts when it comes to our health, especially the health of our children. As parents we have such a huge responsibility to feed our children a variety of healthy foods to foster a healthy lifestyle for them and a strong, growing body.

So is juice one of those healthy options? I think that question is way too vague. There are so many different types of juices! Is apple juice always a healthy option? I don't think so. Even if your child gets only one glass of watered down juice? I still think there is a better option, without totally depriving your child of juice.

I read a blog post that outlined an interview with a Pediatrician. She said that no juice is healthy. It's all full of sugar. In most cases, I would absolutely agree. But our juice is not just "juice".

P gets one glass of watered down juice every day. We use Fruit and Veggie 2 Go twist tubes and add them to water. They're made by the Nutrilite company so I know they are all organic, made from fruits and vegetables that they farm on their own organic farms. There are at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables in each twist tube. So even if P doesn't eat a ton of good stuff on any particular day, she is still getting a lot of good nutrients from her juice! Doesn't that sounds strange?? It may seem like I am just shamelessly plugging this product, and while that is partially true *ahem* it's not the whole story. ;-)

Even if I wasn't paid by using and selling this product, I would still be super excited about it. It's organic, it tastes amazing and it makes being a healthy family that much easier.
There are two flavors: mango citrus, and twisted berry. Mango citrus is our personal favorite.
What I do is prepare the juice as if I were going to drink it. I squeeze it into 16 oz of water (or a water bottle) and stir/shake it up. I keep that container in the fridge for P to drink from each day...or until daddy comes along and drinks the rest. It's pretty concentrated so I still add some water to P's cup in addition to the juice. It tastes good, it's a treat for her and she's getting good nutrients.

 Add a comment below if you would like a sample to try for you and your family! It's not just for kids. I know plenty of grownups who don't like to eat their fruits and vegetables.  While I don't think you should drink this in place of healthy diet, it is a great way to fill in the gaps for picky eaters, both young and old.


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