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Baby Business

So, a little bit about this baby business of mine. A good, cheap form of birth control? Ha! Sometimes, yes. I have always loved children. I grew up the oldest of four, with my youngest siblings as young as ten and thirteen years younger. So I was quite the little mom. I graduated from college WITH a music degree and WITHOUT any real ability to play any instrument, other than the one God gave me from birth...i.e. my voice. Not a lot to recommend me for a job in that field (note: a later post about whether or not college is a great idea for everyone). I had oodles of experience in childcare! I easily got a job at Walnut Hill Day school, an adorable, peaceful looking place. And funnily enough, the director was really impressed by my music degree. Not that I made any real use of it there, but it was enough to set me apart and so I suppose it was useful. I worked there for a year and a half and eventually got a Pre-K music teaching job at another local daycare! So, this music degree thin…