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What I Love Wednesday: Is Juice really healthy for Kids?

There are so many dos and don'ts when it comes to our health, especially the health of our children. As parents we have such a huge responsibility to feed our children a variety of healthy foods to foster a healthy lifestyle for them and a strong, growing body.
So is juice one of those healthy options? I think that question is way too vague. There are so many different types of juices! Is apple juice always a healthy option? I don't think so. Even if your child gets only one glass of watered down juice? I still think there is a better option, without totally depriving your child of juice.

I read a blog post that outlined an interview with a Pediatrician. She said that no juice is healthy. It's all full of sugar. In most cases, I would absolutely agree. But our juice is not just "juice".

P gets one glass of watered down juice every day. We use Fruit and Veggie 2 Go twist tubes and add them to water. They're made by the Nutrilite company so I know they are a…

Why won't my baby eat??!! or Overcoming Breastfeeding Challenges

The first few weeks of having a newborn have got to be the hardest. No one tells you that! Now at 11 months old, things are seeming a little more manageable. Do I have it all figured out like I assumed I already did the day before she was born? Hardly. I'm sure I have more and more questions and uncertainties with each day rather than more answers. Welcome to parenthood!
One of the biggest challenges so far has been breastfeeding. People told me it could be difficult, that it was painful and don't feel bad if you can't do it. I had a several things on my side that have helped me to succeed. At the top of that list is my mom. She breastfed all four of us kids and seemingly effortlessly. I saw how much she enjoyed it too and how healthy each of us has been. Also I loved to be healthy and natural and I knew this was the way God intended for babies to be fed. So it would be the very best option for my baby! Outside of these things the single thing that kept me going, even th…